Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Thoughts on Chivalry.

There seems to be a recurring conversation regarding Chivalry as a concept, the viability of it and the desireability of it.  There are even 'movements' dedicated to resuscitating this travesty of human behaviour.  I can see it being a positive from a female standpoint...but is it good for men? is predictably disdainful of the idea as the tingle-killer it is, AskMen almost - but not quite - gets it, the folks at The Atlantic are predictably supportive as is ol' Hugo and the girls at GoodMenProject...and oddly for the exact same reasons I personally am against the idea.

I knocked together a little spoof cover art to illustrate:

Feel free to borrow the graphic.

I think that sort of makes my views known on the subject

EDIT:  I was going through the archives and I came axross this old advertisement for Free Love, and I thought it might go good with the Chivalry thing.  Enjoy!

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