Monday, March 25, 2013

Men: Failing, flailing, or fleeing? Nope.

Dr Helen over at PJTV asks: "Why are men silent?" and suggests one possible reason...

Perhaps this is why only women seem to be speaking up. It’s safer and they typically have a feminist bent anyway. Come on–The End of Men? Seriously? That’s easy. What’s hard is speaking up about the war against men in our culture, especially if one is a man with a career.

 Dr Helen has had her eyes open wide to the MRM for years.  I've seen her participate on MRM forums, and I know she has few, if any, illusions as to what is going on.  Judging from the comments to that article, neither do the commenters there.

But it's an incomplete picture.  The complaints about Affirmative Action, the Female Imperative in the workplace, herd mentalities...all of it, is simply complaining about the symptoms, not describing the illness.  Declaring 'Feminism' responsible is analogous to declaring, upon hearing the list of symptoms, the name of a doesn't imply in the slightest an understanding of the underlying cause, it just gives the unknown a name.

Male disposability is also part of the formula, but it is what I would call an 'active ingredient', meaning without men themselves buying in to their own destruction, the whole endeavour is a waste of time.  This was not accomplished by shaming men, so much as it was by backhanded stroking of the male ego.  "Oh you big strong manly brute, give me some of your immense power!"

It's bullshit.  Patriarchy Theory is used both to fuel feminine outrage, and to convince men they are really more powerful than they are.  Even to the point of convincing men that even though they personally see no evidence of such Patriarchal power, it's simply because they themselves are so powerful they don't recognize it as advantage.

It's a giant Gaslighting campaign.  And it is entirely predicated on men buying in to the idea that they are betrayers of women.  And the love men have for women, the desire they have for women, their protective instincts for women and children, are being ruthlessly exploited to enable more and more power grabby Feminist entitlements.

The end game of this path is only one outcome.  The complete and permanent rending of the sexes from one another.  The utter destruction of the family unit, accomplished by enabling women to exploit men so ruthlessly that men begin to hate women back.

At which point, Daddy Government will have total control.

Feminism is just the pointy end of a wide advance in a political war that has been raging for decades.  Political Correctness, while advanced by Feminists, is another facet of the same assault on western civilization.  Identity Politics, or Tribalism, is the force we reckon with.

It's as old of a human tendency as Human society itself, and therefore largely impossible to defeat.  But it is the force we reckon with nonetheless.  As some say, "Guns don't kill people, PEOPLE kill people."

Tribalism is a force we will have to accept and live with, much like Hypergamy or Gynocentrism is.  The real question to ask is, "What, if any, convergences are there in these 'disparate' ideologies?"  Where they combine in effect or demand, you will see the main aspects of the assault on our cultures.

Feminism has been described as an engine, a perpetual revolution, a society-wide shit test, etc.  I propose Feminism is none of these things, and all of them.  Because Feminism is a manifestation of both basic human traits (exaggerated for effect), and political will (coherence in desired outcomes).  Feminism has enabled such things as 'Affirmative Action', indeed the whole PC agenda, which suffocated innovation in red tape requirements only the largest companies could afford to maintain.  Which loaded companies with so much dead weight and administrative costs they were forced to let go thousands of workers and cut wages to remain competitive.  Which created such a bureaucratic nightmare when manufacturing in the West, it's actually cheaper to ship those goods halfway around the world, than make them locally.

It's not wages doing this, it's REGULATION doing this.  Just as our personal lives are now regulated....sexual harrassment for asking a woman out....rape charges for pissing off the wrong woman.....DV or paedo accusations that stick with you for life....all of which is accepted as truth by the public.

The directions this all spins off into are so multitudinous it's hard not to sound batshit when talking about them, really.

But all of it depends on a few basic human tendencies, and maintaining a few precious fictions.  The key is not to get Government to accept men as human.  The key is not to get men to rise up in anger and demand their rights.  The key is not to get men to remove themselves from society either.

The key is to get men to understand how their buttons are being pushed...why it works on them....and how they can be more aware of such things.

The whole damned edifice, from Feminism to 'crony Capitalism' (ie, Fascism), depends on keeping us ignorant.  Or at least, fighting about shit that doesn't matter.  The MRM has outlived it's usefulness, and a shift in attention is warranted.  Coherence and 'critical mass' have been reached.  There is no stopping the social change that the MRM and PUAs and MGTOWs have set in motion.  All that remains now is for the PTB to try and alter it's course.

In future posts I'll go into strategies and such, and have a series of videos in the works explaining these concepts in bite sized pieces, but the important thing to keep in mind is that it is far harder to defeat a million armies of one, than it is one army of a million.


  1. very well thought out and presented. I look forward to the next entry!

  2. I agree with this part: The key is to get men to understand how their buttons are being pushed...why it works on them....and how they can be more aware of such things.

    Graduate school nearly killed me with all the anti-male attacks. Walking into a room of people who are far less intelligent than you are, and being attacked because you are male is a surreal experience. However, once I faced it by completely ignoring it, it had no power.

    You are right in saying the system is designed to keep us ignorant.