Monday, April 1, 2013

First, understand you are worthwhile.

One of the very first things a young boy learns, is that his pain, suffering, confusion, fear...etc ad by far less important than damned near anyone else.  Less important than 'Mom's needs', less important than 'sister's needs', even less important than 'random woman on the street's needs'.

From the time we are old enough to understand language, young boys are taught it is 'never OK to hit a girl', while girls are applauded for truly nasty behaviour - which for them, apparently, is 'empowering'.  Young boys are repeatedly told, by nearly every 'authority figure' they come in contact with, that men (especially the white ones) are responsible for all the evil in the world, and have deliberately hurt women and girls for centuries.

And young boys are indoctrinated to accept their lowered status in 'make up for past injustices'.

Every man has similar experiences as a child.  Every man is aware, to at least some extent, that he is forbidden to complain about...or even note...said double standards.  After all, Real Men(tm) don't 'whine'.

Voltaire (by all accounts a pretty smart and influential dude) put it this way:  "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."

Sound logic, if you ask me...

So...what happens when even the slightest criticism of Women, or especially Feminism, is voiced?  Instant denigration.  Ad hominem attacks on your character, instead of your position.  Social ostracism...even job loss can occur simply for disagreeing with current Feminist diktats and memes.

Who is oppressing who again?

This is not some kind of list of grievances, though.  Lord knows there are enough of those in the Manosphere.  It is important for men and boys, indeed vital to effect any kind of positive change, to regain some of that lost self-esteem.  And not the namby-pamby everyones-a-winner-baby, 'modern education' style self esteem either.

Men need to learn how to stop taking shit from people again.  Men need to value themselves as Human Beings deserving of every last bit as much concern as women, or children.  The last few years of ever-increasing attack on 'toxic masculinity' is simply the most recent attempt to dehumanize men, in a LOOONG list of attempts to dehumanize men.

It is time for men to resist that narrative.  To demand, rudely, that the hateful bigots shut the fuck up.  It is time for men to tell women, children, and especially Government, that we will not take this shit anymore.

It is time men stood their ground, and stopped fucking apologizing for doing so.

Men are human beings...human beings that literally built this civilization from the ground up.  It's time men remembered what they are capable of, and flipped off every busybody harridan employed by the Government to justify stripping you of your Rights. 

Men cannot grow a spine and some balls, if they feel they don't deserve what they are asking for.  This is not lost on Feminists, OR your Government.  And BOTH of those groups are actively working to tighten the noose, to make men feel ever-more ashamed of themselves, which allows the Femplex ever-more freedom to subjugate.

Until men stop apologizing for 'looking bad', they will remain powerless sheep, easily (and routinely) 'slaughtered' to satiate the desires of those who hate and manipulate them.

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