Sunday, April 28, 2013

Conspiracy Theories

I admit it.  I am an Alex Jones watcher.  Not listener, because no one carries him where I live.  But I watch him on the You Tube.

I find 'conspiracy theories' intriguing, and in some cases more than a little compelling.  I don't know how many other folks in the Manosphere share my guilty pleasure, but I suspect it's a lot.  After all, it's common knowledge that the CIA gave Gloria Steinem the cash to start Ms. Magazine.

The central theme of Alex Jones', and that of other 'Globalist Conspiracies' guys, is that of a group of largely insanely rich folks have decided there are too many people on the planet, and are going about systematically exterminating many of us.  Myself, being a 'connections' guy, have entertained myself looking for connections from his theories, to Feminism and the role it would play in such a scenario.

To lay it out for the uninitiated, the contention is that the principle of Eugenics has guided many of the world's elite to do such things as put Hitler on the cover of Time magazine, and usher him into office.  The Manosphere has also pointed out this principle running through Feminism, with the likes of Margaret Sanger.

There are quite a few facts that Alex, or for that matter anyone who believes it, cannot be faulted on.  The Bilderburg Group does in fact exist, and it is composed of many of the most powerful people in the world, and they do meet in secret, even though this violates the Constitution of many countries, and could be considered High Treason in the USA.  The current theme of the Globalist Conspiracy, is that they are gearing up for the End Game.

The idea is that a coming Global Economic Collapse(tm) will cause hyperinflation and Bankruptcy on a mass scale.  The Globalists will then sweep in and buy everything for pennies on the dollar.  Furthermore, the contention is that this has already happened, on a smaller scale, in the past.  The Eugenics angle, and the more sinister bit, is the FEMA Camp conspiracy, which contends the USA is on the verge of Martial Law, and mass exterminations will begin through the use of FEMA camps posing as 'emergency shelter'.

The anonymous person at Breaking the Glasses wrote an article that sort of reminded me of my pastime.

This isn't simply the "these people do these things with which we disagree, and we oppose those behaviors because (reasons related to behavioral effects)" kind of rivalry seen in political disagreements. Describing this phenomenon of politics does not justify characterizing all forms of dissent as dehumanization efforts. Dissent is justified where the practical application of an ideological push causes damage to a group's ability to freely exercise their human rights. Dehumanization efforts occur when the target group's free exercise of their human rights interferes or would interfere with the perpetrator group's ideological push for or hold on political or social power.

There are quite a few MRAs that have drawn the connection to the way men are treated and thought of these days, and past examples of dehumanization taken to their logical conclusion.  Many times has Greg Stanton's description of the 8 stages of Genocide been used to illustrate what men are going through.  Breaking the Glasses is simply one of the more recent examples.

But I wonder, has anyone thought of how this fits in with the Globalist thingy?  If the Rockefellers and the CIA really did fund the initial Feminist movement (and there's no denying the very elitist of elites are ardent supporters of Feminist causes today), what was the reason?  What's in it for them?  After all, no one can deny altruism is not one of the strong suits of those who make this kind of cash.

Margaret Sanger is a clue.  She founded Planned Parenthood.  Pull on the 'abortion' thread and soon you're unravelling reproductive-rights based agenda entirely (including the 'right' to arbitrarily assign 'fatherhood' to men at random).  And what did Ms. Magazine do, but make women fear and hate men over such things as DV, Rape, and 'Oppression'.  Government followed suit, and created whole wings to be dedicated to fighting feminist causes.

Why?  Because it led to more votes?  When the theory is 'they' control both sides, who cares who gets voted in?  Votes mean nothing.

No, if you follow this line of reasoning, the Government support for family-destroying ideologies like Feminism was motivated by selfishness, and greed.  An opportunity for more Government power, and thus bigger budgets, was too tempting, apparently.  But why the guys at the top?  Not the politicians, they're interchangeable.  Why the truly, inconceivably rich?  Why would they support Feminism with Billions of dollars annually, and universally reject any concern for men, as men?

Well, to go back to the Globalist view...destruction of the Family is but one of many steps.  First, break the Family.  Then, alienate the sexes from each other (criminalize male sexuality, then ask where the good men are), using female spite to incarcerate as many men and boys as possible (Prisoner's labour is farmed out to big business, a slave trade condoned and indeed supplied by Law).

The resulting destruction of the Family has led to more dependance on the Government, to the point where many could not survive without it's 'help'.  The Demonization of men serves to make the public more accepting of when they actually start killing men off, if the scenario is allowed to play out, as it has in the past.  But you can't just start killing off all the men...people would notice, and worse, care.

So, the focus is initially on White Men (and has been for decades in preparation, if this is true), to serve as the thin end of the wedge.  The idea is, at the first 'National Emergency', the Feds declare martial law.  They blame it on white guys...possibly even MRAs.  They then institute a program to 're-educate' white males specifically, in FEMA facilities.

Eventually, the 'problem' becomes defined as too large to tackle, or intransigent, and the decision is to solve the problem, once and for it has been so many times in the past.  Sooner or later, white males end up going in to the 'system', and nothing but ashes emerge.

Once this is normalized, they can move on to, say, black males, or Latinos, or maybe by then Racism will be more important than Sexism, and white women hit the ovens next.  The point is that society is being carved up into Identities, and they are being pitted against each other, or being set up for such an eventuality.

The idea can be summed up thus:

'Progressive Stacking' is the order in which society shall be killed off.

Eugenics also runs like a river through the Environmentalist movement, as it does nearly every 'Leftist' cause imaginable.  Birth control itself is a product of Eugenic desires, and many Eugenicists have the same attitude Kermit Gosnell has, which is why when you hear of these things at all, they are downplayed.

If I were a Religious man, I'd be seeing a whole lot of scary parallels between these times, and a certain Book in the Bible...which, while not evidence of actual Biblical Bad Things(tm), is certainly an indication of how fucked up things have become.

Anyway, I am open to many ideas, and I have my favourites, and I find these and many more correlations to be a bit more compelling than the Official Version.  I am curious, are there many more who see these same things?

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