Friday, July 12, 2013

Branding masculinity.

The entity known as the 'mens movement' (aka Manosphere, Androsphere) is gaining steam in the marketplace of ideas.  It's now becoming more vital for proper brand messaging and presentation than ever before, as refusing to do so has led to many attempts to co opt, misrepresent, or reframe the movement.

Attempts by the mainstream to pass off guys like Michael Kimmel or Hugo Schwyzer as 'representatives of the Mens Movement' have subsided into mass immigration of new, usually leftist, 'equalists' that spend more time policing tone than understanding the issues.  Fractures in the mens movement have grown along ideological lines, precisely as they have in the greater society, and the message has been diluted to the point of making the mens movement unattractive to other men.

And make no mistake, the pussification of the Mens Movement is a deliberate strategy to make us as unattractive as a movement as the lowest of Omega toads.  And it is actually beginning to work a little.

A coherent list of goals is in order, and more importantly, a set list that will call for the disbanding of any mens organizations set up to foster those outcomes.  Rather than a set of principles, that can be corrupted, we need a list of outcomes desired.

Call it a platform, if you will.  But it is this that must then be sold to the public, through awareness campaigns (advertising), through brand positioning (image is everything), and through market segmentation / focus of expertise (pierce harlan, for example, exquisitely owns the wrongly accused issue) we can develop a public narrative that then, 'everybody' will know the MRM is about, without relying on our political enemies to define us to them instead.

Shock tactics will only work for so long, we need to fill the back end with some substance.  Fortunately, it's more organization than paucity.  As dark as that is to say.

Most importantly, we must be aware of our image.  And I mean more along the Stuart Smalley / James Dean axis, and less along the politically acceptable axis.  People need to realize, politics is just a popularity contest.  And all the shit that applied to becoming popular with other guys in High School?  Yeah, sadly, it still applies.

No one likes the socially awkward virgin with a chip on his shoulder...least of all the virgin himself.  CERTAINLY no one wants to emulate, or follow him.  The Mens Movement must begin to be aware of what it is that men admire and want to emulate, or promote.

Because THAT is how we will grow to prominence.


  1. What a shame that leftists now dominate the MRM. Rebranding it as MHRM.

  2. I hear you there. I'm a Canadian, and by default a Socialist in many ways, but I am often quite saddened by the thought policing and Political Correctness that now dominates most MRM-related sites. The reason I often advocate MRAs in particular to study Game Theory, is precisely because of concepts like 'frame control' and 'shit tests', or even to understand the dynamic of attracting women - Presidents are elected on their fuckability, why it's so hard to convince MRAs of this concept is beyond me - because women will support a man (or men) they are ATTRACTED to, and will ignore any man they find unattractive.

    This plays out socially day in and day out, and is even a continual meme on Manosphere sites, yet somehow MRAs in particular refuse to apply this on a mass-psychological scale.

    It's wilful blindness, and that same desire to refuse to see is behind the sudden leftward turn, and the focus on 'tone' and minutae of 'social expectations'. Where it was once merely an explanation of why the greater issue is happening, it became the focus of the debate. And WE didn't shift the focus, Feminists did. And damned near no one noticed, or cared.

    THAT is why we desperately need to lay down a framework.