Friday, July 12, 2013

Hey Mens Rights Edmonton!

Seems Don Iveson has called you out, said you were cowards and and the rest.  Them fightin' words sure should be backed up publicly, especially since they were said publicly by a Mayoral candidate.

I would think the good people of Edmonton deserve to know what Don thinks of all this stuff.  And, considering the implication that MRAs won't debate this stuff, wouldn't challenging Don Iveson to a public debate over these issues be a nice way to spend the weekend?

I'm just sayin'


  1. We did challenge Don Iveson and Leise Gotell of the University of Alberta as well as any feminists interested to a live debate with us. All of them declined the invitation in short order.
    But it's interesting that they call US cowards for speaking truth to power. Often doing it on the side if the road, in public, with sandwich boards and posters in broad daylight. They can't even debate us on live internet radio from the comfort of their own homes.
    It's clear from our side who the real cowards are.

  2. Not surprising in the least. The question here though, is how far do you want to go with this sort of thing? Consider: what would happen if this sort of controversy happened again around election time, for instance, and politicians got out and derided mens rights, only to see posters around town offering to publicly debate any candidate, followed by another poster detailing the various responses.

    Politicians can't handle getting embarrassed, or, put another way 'looking bad'. Are you prepared to make them look bad for drive-by-villainizing you?

    Go for the jugular...publicize their cowardice and hypocrisy. Relentlessly, until they are forced to acknowledge you.

    Well, just my 2 cents any way. And now we round off to the nearest nickle, I'm not even sure that 2 cents is worth anything anymore.