Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Confession.

I have a confession to make.  I'm a Socialist.

That might surprise the Hell out of a lot of MRAs to hear, and it'll definitely surprise, say, the mods at reddit/mensrights to hear it, but I am.

I am horrified, for example, at the idea of not getting medical care because you can't afford it.  That's just plain stupid.  So is losing everything you own because you had a heart attack.

I believe there are certain things, like electricity, or water, that should be delivered by public utilities, not a for-profit corporation, and that Unions serve a useful purpose, even today in an age where most unions have themselves seemingly forgotten what they are for.

I am also a non-judgmental guy in real life.  Now I KNOW that some people are busily wiping the spray off their monitor at that one, it's true.  I don't judge others for the choices they make in life.  But I don't let them off the hook either.  And not judging them for making the choices is not the same thing as judging those choices, to split a rhetorical frogs hair....which I often do.

But if this is so, how come I frequently can be seen calling people such epithets as 'libtard', or 'Post-Modernist', or many much 'worse' labels?  The answer is simple.  Because in such cases, the Leftism is not so much chosen political belief as indoctrinated Religious Belief, if you know what I mean.  I object to the knee-jerk, unthinking responses that have been programmed into the majority of 'Leftists'.

I also think that a 'caring society' is not the antithesis of a 'Libertarian' society, although admittedly the overlap is not complete.  Whereas many Libtards have an all-or-nothing approach to such matters.

Not to put too fine of a point on it, 'Libtards' are basically the Religious Zealots of our times, with Political Incorrectness, or worse 'aggression' being the New Blasphemy.  And like any other thinking being, I reject this crap.

Has it infected the MRM?  Absolutely it has.  'Fear of looking bad' is just another way to phrase Social Ostracism, which in itself is simply a (barely) grown up way of saying "If you don't agree with me, I won't like you anymore".  While this fear may motivate the masses of men out there, it really is our job to show them a better way.  To show them they do not have to cower or fear, they can stand up and stretch.  Because anyone trying to cut them down for doing so will no longer be able to do so with impunity.

We do not get there being ruled by fear, we get there by refusing to back down in the face of those very voices.  We 'fight the good fight' because it is right, not because it is popular.  Frankly, if you want to be popular, you came to the wrong place.

At least, publicly.

And that's where Leftists show their ultimate weakness.  They cannot think outside of the Collective.  They simply cannot tolerate anyone having a different viewpoint.  And instead of arguing, they say stupid shit like 'if you don't stop this, no one will take you seriously'.

We need to understand this for what it is... a Religious Zealot demanding you stop the Blasphemy.  Or at least keep it to a tone they can ignore.

It is not the belief that Civilization is itself a form of Collectivism that I object to.  It's the unthinking adherence to PC bullet points, the hypocrisy, the wilful blindness, and MOST of all, the weak-kneed COWARDICE that flat out defines these new 'activists from the Left'.  These guys are about as 'activist' as Jimmy Carter.  They are the chaff, the filler, and the sometimes boat anchor, of the Mens Movement.

It's time MRAs asked themselves which archetype they would rather be seen as:  James Dean, or this guy:

This isn't a Left vs Right thing.  This is a 'masculinity is OK' vs a 'masculinity must be improved' thing.  The fact that the Left Right divide closely follows this divide is not my fault.


  1. A video by Aurini:


  2. So you're against real nuclear families then?

    Socialism is designed to destroy families

    A nuclear family based society, doesnt need socialism

  3. Funny, I thought I did an OK job of showing that my Socialist tendencies have limits.